Scrape Jungle Scout Estimated Sales Data

Do you love the estimated sales data from Jungle Scout, but hate looking it up one by one? Then this scraper is for you. Simply create an input file of the data you want to look up and let the scraper do all the work for you. Quick and easy.

Please download the programs, and input and output files below. You can also see examples of the input and output files at the bottom of this page without having to download them.

  • Jungle Scout Estimated Sales - collect Jungle Scout's estimated sales for a list of products. Specify what you want using the sample input file inJS.csv which will produce the sample output file outJS.csv. The input file contains the ASIN, Category, and Sales Rank you want to look up. The output file contains all the input data plus Jungle Scout's Estimated Sales. The demo processes just the first 10 items in the input file.



Sample Jungle Scout CSV input and output files Listed Below     Back To Top

Below is a sample .csv input file containing the data to look up.

B000E92UP0Sports & Outdoors154814
B00239GCZ8Toys & Games15401


Below is the output file after runninging it through the program. The output .csv file is a hard to read until you load it into your spreadsheet program and it looks like below.

B000E92UP0Sports & Outdoors154814< 5
B00239GCZ8Toys & Games15401171
B00I5ZZ23CClothing1747621< 5
B00JXGXSX8Clothing960999< 5
B000VXYPRUClothing400177< 5