PriceCheck for Amazon Product Advertising API - Amazon Pricing Information Program

Download PriceCheck for PA API (demo) - This is the older version of the program. It still works and will return pricing information, but the newer MWS version returns much more information like Buy Box owner, FBA and Merchant pricing, shipping costs, etc. I recommend you go with the MWS version if at all possible. Everyone can download and use this program. You do NOT need to be an Amazon FBA seller and you do NOT need to be signed up for MWS. In fact, you don't even have to be an Amazon seller. There is no limit to the number of products it can look up. The demo version processes just the first 10 items in the file and then quits.

Do you need to analyze price lists, wholesale DVD and CD lots from wholesalers/distributors like GENCO? Make sure you aren't overpaying?

Typically, someone like GENCO provides a file of the products they have for sale. PriceCheck will process the file and bulk lookup Amazon Pricing for thousands of UPC, ISBN, EAN, and ASIN codes and save the Amazon pricing information (e.g. sales rank, lowest new price, lowest used price, total number of new and used for sale, etc.) to an output file so you can analyze manifests/price lists from wholesalers and distributors like GENCO, decide what to buy, justify giving the wholesaler less money, and competitively reprice your products for sale. See sample input and output files below.

I originally wrote the program for a guy who bought and sold DVDs. He would get lists of DVDs for sale from wholesalers and use PriceCheck to compare the wholesalers price with the Amazon price so he could determine which DVDs were worth buying. What would take him a month to do manually, was done in an hour with PriceCheck.

By comparing their asking price with the Amazon pricing returned by this program, you can determine which items are worth buying. You can also use this program to lookup the products you sell and compare your prices with your competitors.

I charge  $199  Now $99 for the uncrippled version. This is a one-time fee. There are no monthly subscriptions (if you are paying $20/month for an online pricing service this program starts saving you money after just 10 months). You can run it as much as you want to. You are limited only by the Amazon API call limit for your account which is 2,000 requests per hour. Payment is usually via Paypal, but I consider other options as well. Usually, I ask for half, then I uncripple the program, and then you send the other half when you confirm the program is working.

I worte PriceCheck and can customize it to suit your needs. For instance,

  • Lookup up your corresponding inventory amounts while looking up the UPC, ASIN, ISBN, EAN codes.
  • Lookup stock Amazon photos and save the links and files.
  • Read and write to a database instead of .csv files.
  • Create a textbook buy back website.
  • I can also develop other programs and websites.

Amazon is a world-wide venture and operates in many countries throughout the world - United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, China, and Japan. PriceCheck works in all of them. Not all products are listed in all locales. Typically, you will lookup by EAN.



Sample CSV input and output files Listed Below     Back To Top

You specify input and output files to hold all of the UPC, ISBN, ASIN, EAN data. The input file contains all of your UPC, ISBN, ASIN, EAN codes one per line. It can contain additional info like Title if you wish. Generally, it is saved from a spreadsheet program like MS Excel in comma delimited format (.csv file). The output file will contain the original input data plus additional columns containing the looked up pricing information. The output file can then be loaded back into MS Excel, and sorted, filtered and extra columns added which contain your logic to determine which items are purchased, repriced, etc.

Typically, the wholesaler will provide you a file containing a list of the products they have for sale. It will usually be a plain text file, .csv file, or Excel spreadsheet. I prefer a .csv file, but can work with just about anything. The default CSV format of fields being delimited with comma (,) and text being delimited with double quote marks (") works best.

To create a TEXT CSV file in Excel, follow the steps below:
1. Open your spreadsheet in Excel.
2. Select File from the top menu bar.
3. Select Save As...
4. Click on the "Save As Type:" list box, and select TEXT CSV. Then enter your filename, and click the Save button.
5. Accept default field delimiter of comma (,) and default text delimiter of double quote (") and click on the OK button.

Below is a sample .csv input file containing ISBN codes.


Below is the output file after runninging it through PriceCheck for PA API

ISBN, Title, Author, Edition, List Price, New Lowest $, Used Lowest $, New Count, Used Count, Rank
0321416627,"Economic Growth (2nd Edition)","David N. Weil","2",216.40,99.98,35.99,19,37,278269
0131368737,"Macroeconomics (4th Edition)","Stephen D. D. Williamson","4",216.40,138.23,78.98,37,83,178785
0132926172,"Fundamentals of Investments (3rd Edition)","Gordon J. Alexander","3",230.20,75.00,1.90,18,61,360001
0132745097,"Corporate Finance plus MyFinanceLab with Pearson eText Student Access Code Card Package (2nd Edition)","Jonathan Berk","2",261.47,3630.81,167.90,2,17,396956
0138912505,"Life and Health Insurance, 13th Edition","Kenneth Black Jr.","13",130.60,86.99,17.00,23,36,582563
0131856154,"Financial Economics (2nd Edition)","Zvi Bodie","2",166.67,125.00,101.24,4,20,297435
0321155173,"Financial Management: Core Concepts","Raymond Brooks","1",113.33,19.09,1.07,20,117,224021
0321127218,"Financial Theory and Corporate Policy (4th Edition)","Thomas E. Copeland","4",123.60,85.99,64.89,37,33,158598
0132242273,"Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance (9th Edition)","Mark S. Dorfman","9",123.60,70.98,37.49,22,32,300820
0136096689,"Multinational Business Finance (12th Edition)","David K. Eiteman","12",230.20,160.00,89.74,9,28,191073

Above is a little hard to read until you load it into your spreadsheet program and it looks like below

ISBN Title Author Edition List Price New Lowest $ Used Lowest $ New Count Used Count Rank
0321416627 Economic Growth (2nd Edition) David N. Weil 2 216.40 99.98 35.99 19 37 278269
0131368737 Macroeconomics (4th Edition) Stephen D. D. Williamson 4 216.40 138.23 78.98 37 83 178785
0132926172 Fundamentals of Investments (3rd Edition) Gordon J. Alexander 3 230.20 75.00 1.90 18 61 360001
0132745097 Corporate Finance plus MyFinanceLab with Pearson eText Student Access Code Card Package (2nd Edition) Jonathan Berk 2 261.47 3630.81 167.90 2 17 396956
0138912505 Life and Health Insurance, 13th Edition Kenneth Black Jr. 13 130.60 86.99 17.00 23 36 582563
0131856154 Financial Economics (2nd Edition) Zvi Bodie 2 166.67 125.00 101.24 4 20 297435
0321155173 Financial Management: Core Concepts Raymond Brooks 1 113.33 19.09 1.07 20 117 224021
0321127218 Financial Theory and Corporate Policy (4th Edition) Thomas E. Copeland 4 123.60 85.99 64.89 37 33 158598
0132242273 Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance (9th Edition) Mark S. Dorfman 9 123.60 70.98 37.49 22 32 300820
0136096689 Multinational Business Finance (12th Edition) David K. Eiteman 12 230.20 160.00 89.74 9 28 191073