Scrape Jungle Scout Estimated Sales Data, $19 or FREE with PriceCheck

Do you love the estimated sales data from Jungle Scout, but hate looking it up one by one? Then this scraper is for you. Simply create an input file of the data you want to look up and let the scraper do all the work for you. Quick and easy.

Please download the programs, and input and output files below. You can also see examples of the input and output files at the bottom of this page without having to download them.

  • Jungle Scout Estimated Sales (JungleScoutDemo.exe) - collect Jungle Scout's estimated sales for a list of products. Specify what you want using the sample input file inJS.csv which will produce the sample output file outJS.csv. The input file contains the ASIN, Category, and Sales Rank you want to look up. The output file contains all the input data plus Jungle Scout's Estimated Sales. The demo processes just the first 10 items in the input file.
  • Google Chrome browser - In order for the above scraper to work it requires you have the Google Chrome browser installed on your computer, plus the chromedriver.exe program below. Please download both.
  • chromedriver.exe - The scraper uses this program to control a Chrome browser window and collect the data.

Please put the JungleScoutDemo.exe and the chromedriver.exe in the same directory and then run JungleScoutDemo.exe, which will automatically call chromedriver.exe and start up a Chrome browser window. Then switch back to JungleScoutDemo.exe and follow the prompts. JungleScoutDemo.exe and chromedriver.exe are not installers. They are the actual programs. Just download them and put them in the same directory as your input file(s).



Sample Jungle Scout CSV input and output files Listed Below     Back To Top

Below is a sample .csv input file containing the data to look up.

B0042L4H5M"Arts, Crafts & Sewing"70584
B0042L4H5M"Beauty & Personal Care"70584
B0042L4H5M"Camera & Photo"70584
B0042L4H5M"Cell Phones & Accessories"70584
B0042L4H5M"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry"70584
B0042L4H5M"Computers & Accessories"70584
B0042L4H5M"Grocery & Gourmet Food"70584
B0042L4H5M"Health & Household"70584
B0042L4H5M"Health & Personal Care"70584
B0042L4H5M"Home & Garden"70584
B0042L4H5M"Home & Kitchen"70584
B0042L4H5M"Home Improvement"70584
B0042L4H5M"Industrial & Scientific"70584
B0042L4H5M"Kindle Store"70584
B0042L4H5M"Kitchen & Dining"70584
B0042L4H5M"Musical Instruments"70584
B0042L4H5M"Office Products"70584
B0042L4H5M"Patio, Lawn & Garden"70584
B0042L4H5M"Pet Supplies"70584
B0042L4H5M"Sports & Outdoors"70584
B0042L4H5M"Toys & Games"70584
B0042L4H5M"Video Games"70584
B000E92UP0"Sports & Outdoors"154814
B00239GCZ8"Toys & Games"15401
B00I5ZZ23C"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry"1747621
B00JXGXSX8"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry"960999
B000VXYPRU"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry"400177
B0042L4H5M"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry"70584


Below is the output file after runninging it through the program. The output .csv file is a hard to read until you load it into your spreadsheet program and it looks like below.

ASINCategoryRankEstimated Sales
B0042L4H5MAppliances70584< 5
B0042L4H5M"Arts, Crafts & Sewing"7058426
B0042L4H5MBeauty70584< 5
B0042L4H5MBeauty & Personal Care7058463
B0042L4H5MCamera & Photo70584< 5
B0042L4H5MCell Phones & Accessories7058439
B0042L4H5M"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry"70584110
B0042L4H5MComputers & Accessories70584< 5
B0042L4H5MGrocery & Gourmet Food7058439
B0042L4H5MHealth & Household7058469
B0042L4H5MHealth & Personal Care7058433
B0042L4H5MHome & Garden70584< 5
B0042L4H5MHome & Kitchen70584148
B0042L4H5MHome Improvement7058437
B0042L4H5MIndustrial & Scientific7058415
B0042L4H5MKindle Store7058476
B0042L4H5MKitchen & Dining7058449
B0042L4H5MMusic70584< 5
B0042L4H5MMusical Instruments70584< 5
B0042L4H5MOffice Products7058432
B0042L4H5M"Patio, Lawn & Garden"7058424
B0042L4H5MPet Supplies7058423
B0042L4H5MSoftware70584< 5
B0042L4H5MSports & Outdoors7058441
B0042L4H5MToys & Games7058454
B0042L4H5MVideo Games70584< 5
B000E92UP0Sports & Outdoors15481417
B00239GCZ8Toys & Games15401237
B00I5ZZ23C"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry"17476215
B00JXGXSX8"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry"9609998
B000VXYPRU"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry"40017720
B0042L4H5M"Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry"70584110