Why You Need My Programs

The purpose of all my programs is to automate the lookup of thousands of items. The work which would take you weeks to do, can now be done in a few hours. Instead of manually looking up items one at a time by UPC, ASIN, ISBN, EAN on Amazon, ebay, Jungle Scout, Keepa, Zillow, etc., use my programs to automate the process. There is an input file containing the items to lookup, and an output file containing the looked up data. Load the output into Excel, sort, filter, and analyze it and process huge amounts of data faster than you ever could before.

Scrapers, Webcrawlers, Spiders, and Bots Programs

Whether you want to collect data from another site, or automate a routine task, scrapers and bots can help you immensely. What could take days or even weeks to do manually can be completely automated with a simple scraper. Just start the scraper and let it run while you go do something else. Come back in an hour or two and you have all the data you need. I believe in writing ethical, responsible scrapers and bots that don't harm other sites. Below are some examples,