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Results! Not promises
I will personally develop your project quickly and inexpensively. I don't outsource my work. I will break your project down into manageable pieces. You pay only as the pieces get completed. I pride myself on 100% customer satisfaction. Please contact me to discuss your needs. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Below is my resume.

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Digital Electronics. Graduated December, 1985 with Honors. Financed 100% of my educational expenses. Cooperative Education all 4.5 years.

Developer, Allegra Consulting. January, 2002 to Present.
Developed the PHP/MySQL backend for the following websites: 1stAboard.com, Innlog.com, Boat-World.com, Developreneurs.com, and Charity-Charities.org. Also wrote crawlers/spiders/scrapers in Python to collect data from websites. Designed, developed, and own the following websites which give me monthly Google Adsense and Amazon income streams: BuilderQuotes.com, PainterBids.com, RooferBids.com, and WikiReadia.orgk. Developed and sell a program called PriceCheck in Python and PHP which looks up Amazon and ebay pricing information for thousands of UPC codes per hour via the AWS, MWS, and Product Advertising APIs. Developed numerous scrapers/bots to collect data and automate manual tasks on the internet. Please go to AllegraCorp.com for more details.

Software Development Consultant, Quaker Oats Corporation, Chicago, Illinois. October, 1994 to September, 1995.
Developed and maintained the File Routing System, which is a mission critical system Quaker relies on for daily operations. It provides the ability to easily transfer files among PCs, LANs,minicomputers, and mainframes. It is also used to send crucial bills of lading and load sheets to distribution center printers. It is a true client server system based on DEC Message Queue messaging software. Clients on any platform send message-based requests to C server programs on DEC/VMS and HP/UNIX minicomputers. Maintained and enhanced the Visual Basic client on LAN PCs. Developed a Visual Basic server which collects requests from the Visual Basic LAN PC clients and sends them to the C server programs. Maintained and enhanced many of the C server programs.

Technical Support Consultant, McDonald's Corporation, Oak Brook, Illinois. Aug 1992 - Oct 1994, & Oct 1995 - Jan 1996.
Supported users on Novell networks, Unix networks, client server networks, standalone PCs, and the mainframe. Solved 90% of the calls without having to send out a technician. Designed, developed, and supported a Foxpro application used to manage the Ronald McDonald Children?s Charities (RMCC) Pie Promotion.

Entrepreneur, Allegra Corporation, Chicago, Illinois. September, 1988 to September, 1995.
Incorporated as a sub S corporation in 1988. On a part time basis, maintained a 30,000 line dBase program for an employment agency. Began full time operation as a Novell Gold Authorized Reseller after leaving Quaker Oats. Provided installation, training, and support services for microcomputer software, hardware, cabling, and local area networks. Also, provided custom software development services and created packaged software. Marketed these services to a wide range of clients via advertising, direct mail, presentations, and networking with accountants and other professionals.

Telecommunications Analyst, Quaker Oats Corporation, Chicago, Illinois. November, 1988 to September, 1990.
Evaluated, installed, and supported the following: synchronous LAN gateways to IBM; asynchronous LAN gateways to DEC, and UNISYS; electronic mail; and LANs and related applications software (21 Novell file servers spanning 27 floors). Evaluated LCI Laser bridges and T1 LAN bridges. Re-designed, and expanded the installed fiber optic backbone cabling. Created standards and implementation documentation, and trained the installation and support groups on the above technologies.

Information Center Consultant, MidCon Corporation, Lombard, Illinois. February, 1988 to November, 1988.
Installed, supported, and gave instruction to employees at all levels in the corporation on microcomputer hardware, software, and Novell LANs. Diagnosed and solved a multitude of software and hardware problems.

Information Center Consultant, Amoco Corporation, Chicago, Illinois. January, 1986 to February, 1988.
Installed, supported, and gave instruction to employees at all levels in the corporation on microcomputer hardware and software. Diagnosed and solved a multitude of software and hardware problems. Created an Offnet Access Handbook for users who accessed the mainframe via asynchronous communication links. Gave classroom instruction and support to Territory Managers and corporate managers who used these links. Became an IBM Technical Coordinator and worked with the Technical Evaluations and Standards Department on evaluating and recommending hardware and software.

Cooperative Education Student, Amoco Corporation/Illinois Institute of Technology. COBOL Programmer, Systems Programmer,
Telecommunications Analyst, and Information Center Consultant. 1983 to 1985.

Taught Novell Netware, Lotus 1-2-3, and Ventura Publisher classes at The College of DuPage.
Swimming, running, weightlifting, and other athletic endeavors.