Why You Need My Programs

The purpose of all my programs is to automate the lookup of thousands of items. The work which would take you weeks to do, can now be done in a few hours. Instead of manually looking up items one at a time by UPC, ASIN, ISBN, EAN on Amazon, ebay, Best Buy, etc., use my programs to automate the process. There is an input file containing the items to lookup, and an output file containing the looked up data. Load the output into Excel, sort, filter, and analyze it and process huge amounts of data faster than you ever could before.

PriceCheck Programs

Get the pricing information you need so you can make intelligent decisions. Use the programs below to look up and compare pricing from multiple vendors. I worte PriceCheck and can customize it to suit your needs. Below is a summary of what is currently available:

PriceCheck Programs More Information

Do you need to analyze price lists, wholesale DVD and CD lots from wholesalers/distributors like GENCO? Make sure you aren't overpaying?

Typically, someone like GENCO provides a file of the products they have for sale. PriceCheck will process the file and bulk lookup Amazon Pricing for thousands of UPC, ISBN, EAN, and ASIN codes and save the Amazon pricing information (e.g. sales rank, lowest new price, lowest used price, total number of new and used for sale, etc.) to an output file so you can analyze manifests/price lists from wholesalers and distributors like GENCO, decide what to buy, justify giving the wholesaler less money, and competitively reprice your products for sale.

I wrote my first PriceCheck program for a guy who bought and sold DVDs. He would get lists of DVDs for sale from wholesalers and use PriceCheck to compare the wholesalers price with the Amazon price so he could determine which DVDs were worth buying. What would take him a month to do manually, was done in an hour with PriceCheck.

By comparing their asking price with the Amazon pricing returned by this program, you can determine which items are worth buying. You can also use this program to lookup the products you sell and compare your prices with your competitors.

You specify input and output files to hold all of the UPC, ISBN, ASIN, EAN data. The input file contains all of your UPC, ISBN, ASIN, EAN codes one per line. It can contain additional info like Title if you wish. Generally, it is saved from a spreadsheet program like MS Excel in comma delimited format (.csv file). The output file will contain the original input data plus additional columns containing the looked up pricing information. The output file can then be loaded back into MS Excel, and sorted, filtered and extra columns added which contain your logic to determine which items are purchased, repriced, etc.