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Results! Not promises
I will develop your project quickly and inexpensively. I will break your project down into manageable pieces. You pay only as the pieces get completed. I pride myself on 100% customer satisfaction. Please contact me to discuss your needs. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Scrapers, Webcrawlers, Spiders, Bots
Whether you want to collect data from another site, or automate a routine task, scrapers and bots can help you immensely. I believe in writing ethical, responsible scrapers and bots that don't harm other sites.

Jungle Scout Estimated Sales - Do you love the estimated sales data from Jungle Scout, but hate looking it up one by one? Then this scraper is for you. Simply create an input file of the data you want to look up and let the scraper do all the work for you. What used to take days or weeks to do, is now done in hours or minutes. Quick and easy.

Zillow For Sale By Owner (FSBO) - You are a realtor and you want to collect the addresses of all of the For Sale By Owner listings in your area on so you can send them a mailing introducing yourself and your services. This could take days or even weeks to do manually. With a simple scraper, the entire process can be automated. Just start the scraper and let it run while you go do something else. Come back in an hour or two and you have all the data you need for a mailing. Load it into a word processing program, print it out, and send it off. Fast and efficient.

Pricing information and price comparison
I got started in this area many years ago when I used the Amazon Product Advertising API to automate the look up DVD pricing for a client. He got lists of DVDs for sale from wholesalers and used my program to compare the wholesalers price with the Amazon price so he could determine which DVDs were worth buying. What would take him a month to do manually, was done in an hour with the program. Since then, many changes have occurred. Amazon has limited the Product Advertising API and moved sellers to the MWS API. I took my original program and modified it for generic use for the general public and called it PriceCheck. I have many versions of it, but the concept is the same. Automate the process of looking up pricing information and comparing prices.

PriceCheck looks up Amazon pricing information such as Sales Rank, Buy Box price, Buy Box owner, FBA fees, profit and ROI calculations, lowest new price, lowest used price, total number of new and used items for sale, etc. so you can determine which products to buy and competitively price them for sale. I use PHP and Python to access the Amazon API calls to retreive the pricing information. The Python version runs on a standalone computer and has no limitation to the number of items it will look up. It can look up by ISBN, ASIN, EAN, or UPC. See more information about PriceCheck

I have customized the basic PriceCheck for many users over the years. Some want to compare Amazon pricing with ebay, Walmart, Abe Books, or other sites. Many sites like ebay and Walmart have their own API and are easily integrated. Other sites do not have APIs and a scraper has to be written to look up their information.

I have also customized PriceCheck to automate online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, FBA arbitrage, etc. By combining the basic PriceCheck program with pricing lookup on other sites like ebay, Walmart, Toys R Us, etc. arbitrage opportunities can be quickly found and successfully implemented.

Some clients only sell on ebay. Research your competitors on ebay. Find out what they are selling and what prices they are getting for their items. Get detailed information about their listings including the Item Specifics section and the Watching count.

Need something else? Please contact me and I would be happy discuss developing a solution for you.

I am a web site developer who specializes in creating database driven web sites and Windows programs. I create business to business (B2B), and business to consumer (B2C) web sites, directory sites, bidding sites, auction sites, and online exchanges. I prefer to do all my development using open source products such as PHP, MySQL, Python, and Java. I also develop in Microsoft Visual Basic.